Approximate Timeline

25 Dec 04 Sat Christmas Day
Arrived into Phuket in the afternoon
80 Minute drive to Khao Lak
26 Dec 04 Sun 08:30 Wake Up
09:00 Buffet Breakfast on the beach
10:00 Return to the bungalow for a nap
10:15? Tsunami Strikes
11:00 Narrow Escape from our Bungalow
11:30 Retreat into the Hills

12:15 Local young men attempt to take us to a hospital
13:30 Arrive at Kapong Hospital
13:45 Wounds washed and stitched up
15:45 Leave for Phang Nga
17:00 Arrive at Phang Nga Police Station
17:15 Arrive at Bus Station

17:45 Bus Leaves for Bangkok
04:15 Bus Arrives into Bangkok
04:30 Arrival at Bumrungrad Hospital
27 Dec 04 Mon Admitted into Bumrungrad Hospital
28 Dec 04 Tue 1st Surgery reconstructing left foot tendons, and opening and draining left thigh wound
02 Jan 05 Sun 2nd Surgery re-opening and draining multiple infections of left thigh wound
11 Jan 05 Tue 3rd Surgery re-opening, draining, and suturing left thigh wound
15 Jan 05 Fri Thigh wound still seeping fluids, postponing departure plans
19 Jan 05 Wed Return to Hong Kong
26 Jan 05 Wed Left thigh stitches come out. Left foot swollen and immobile.
07 Feb 05 Mon Cast comes off. Left foot still swollen and numb, but able to put some pressure on my left heel. (one day past six week anniversary)
14 Feb 05 Mon Starting to walk very slowly without crutches
21 Feb 05 Mon First day back in the office. A new beginning...

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